Listen and download the NO YES NO EP. Your cover is unique and generated just for you. Keep it safe and out of water.

Know Your Trouble Youngins 2's and 3's My Face Through Smoke Know Your Trouble v2


For our contribution to the do-it-yourself mess that is digital music in 2011, each download will generate a slightly different cover made from very small pieces of all the other really great and really horrible album covers floating around the internet. Don't like the one you got? It's a work in progress. Keep clicking 'Re-art' until you're happy. Or at least until you're happy with your cover. We make no guarantees about the rest of your life.

Are we making a statement about the death of a tangible music experience or music on the internet? Or do we just really like Javascript? Maybe both.


You can decide. Mostly we hope you like the music. If you're an artist and your cover is noticeably used and you're just full of righteous and/or litigious outrage, we'll be happy to remove it from future use. This EP is a free download, but please consider a donation.

No Yes No is Scott Altmann and Mark Pernice and Tom Mallon. Nicole Childrey helped on drums. Mixed and recorded at Miner Street and Junxt Studio by No Yes No, Jonathan Low and Mark Lewis.

want to see all the past covers made?

Created by Mark Pernice and Mark Lewis.
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